Out of sweltering back rooms and small clubs to the fervent Worship of modern services - Mirror Image has been transcending bounds since 2001.  Playing straight up rock-n-roll, baked in the Texas sun - but containing enough blistering pop sensiblities for wide audience appeal - Mirror Image sings praises to a wonderful Savior while conveying life stories to a lost and hurting generation. 
Music knows no boundries and God's power and works extends to all nations.  We are a US based ministry but we rarely play live these days - coming together periodically to record new music.  From this we have sent many CD's to other countries.  Therefore we offer up the majority of our music free.  Click here for details.
Oct 30.  Rain CD is done!  Go to Free Music to Download.

Sept. 28 
All songs are completed and have been mixed.  A few tweaks and the CD "Rain" will be done!   Go to the Woodshed, New Song Development and check them out.

April 12 
Load all the working versions of the songs for "Rain" in the Woodshed - many still have work to be done one them but it contains what we have at the moment.

Feb 24
We have all the songs lined up that will make the next CD, which will be named "Rain."  Everyone always have a favorite song on a album, and we understand that, but we are doing this one a little different in which it is designed to be played from start to end.
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